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FinOffice in 60 seconds
Introducing The All New FinOffice

Introducing The All New FinOffice

What is FinOffice
What is FinOffice?

In A Nutshell

We are not a big fan of fancy marketing slang. In simple terms, FinOffice empowers your company with the ultimate transparency around software and hardware assets.

No matter whether you are a financial institution struggling to have an in-depth overview of your market data consumption (let's say Bloomberg data usage in your applications) or a telecom provider seeking to build-up an inventory on communication lines, the FinOffice suite help you along the entire journey. From service ordering to administration to reconciling to reporting. 

We focus on providing our clients with the best solution for a holistic oversight into costs, vendor compliance, operational processes and results-driven analysis.


Global Coverage - Local Presence

FinOffices provides a powerful solution allowing local companies to compete on an even playing field with global peers.  For our service partners, we provide an infrastructure to gain a substantial foothold globally.


FinOffice is represented in various European countries, North America, the United Arab Emirates and Africa.

In a dynamic world, it is important to provide clients a global, trustworthy solution that is responsive to their individual needs without neglecting local needs. As a customer, FinOffice adjusts to your setup: you decide the engagement style and setup. 


With full support in local language and time zone. 


Data privacy is at the heart of what we do. The transparency we provide surfaces crucial information around employees, commercials and compliance. 

Therefore, we developed FinOffice with Swiss dedication to privacy.

As the only independent tool in the market, we offer both on-premise and managed solutions.


You choose where you want to have your data stored.



million USD cash out cost savings realized using FinOffice


clients in 12 countries


of our customers with minimum 1.5 m costs see positive ROI in 1st year


The most powerful and intuitive tool in the market - guaranteed

FinOffice provides users with an incredible amount of flexibility that adapts to their business processes and needs. Yet we kept the UI as simple as pie.

The FinOffice Suite

FinOffice has been carefully designed to support end to end when managing hardware and software assets. From procurement and contracting to ordering, administration and reporting, FinOffice provides a simple and highly automated user experience.

Holistic Design


Business Meeting


The strength of BST lies in their ability to quickly identifying bank internal dependencies and processes and providing clients with a customised solution.


Their goal is always aimed maximising efficiency and providing the simplest solution possible. We value the services of BST very highly.

Business People in Meeting


Accurate, reliable and efficient. That is how we perceive the work of BST, who have managed our market data since 2001. In addition, we also save costs due to the regular reports on exchanges we don't use or use only very little.

Business Meeting

Market Data Director Austria

In FinOffice, we purchased an efficient tool that is unique. BST provided outstanding support for the implementation of our contracts.

We looked at every competitor and FinOffice was the only solution capable to embed seamlessly into our complex SAP environment.


Migration support was incredible and the whole thing done in one weekend to not interfere with our daily work. 

Image by Foto  Sushi

Managed Service Client

By using FinOffice, we replaced three systems, countless Excel spreadsheets and a number of databases. In addition, implementing FinOffice across-the-board in administration also brought a significant increase in efficiency. Thanks to the intelligent reports, we identified duplicate and unused services which, when eliminated and in conjunction with the use of FinSelfCert, allowed us to reduce our costs.


These are just some of the companies that inspire us every day to create the best products in our field

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