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A successful launch of a new Market Data event series in Switzerland

After more than two years of absence, BST - Banking Software Training AG, together with oraise, CboE and TRG Screen hosted a networking event for the Swiss Market Data Community in Zurich.

Organized by oraise Schweiz, «Lifting the veil of Market Data» was focused on the administration of data usage, with particular focus on exchange policies and index contracts.

After a short introduction about the event concept, CboE gave insights on products and services and how regulation has an impact on the orchestration and operation of market data processes. TRG Screen revealed best practices around the administration of application data wheras BST layed a particular focus on index contracts and how transparency of usage can be increased.

Frank Verstraeten, key coordinator of the event and former organizer of the Swiss Information User Group Event (SIPUG) states:

This event poses the start for a new event series where we aim to bring together professionals with different backgrounds across technology, operations and administration to create an active community and encourage information exchange.

The insightful presentations were followed-up with ample time to discuss and network. Curious to learn more about a compliant use of index data through a structured approach? Download the presentation below and contact us for more insights.

BST Lifting Veil MD
Download PDF • 7.08MB

Stay tuned on more information about dates, locations, topics and format over the next few weeks.

If you are interested to building up this community, contact us at


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