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Press Release: BST and AFO Partnership Announcement

Neuhaus St.Gallen - April 16th 2021

BST Banking Software Training AG (BST) is pleased to announce the signing of a strategic re-selling and managed service partnership with Advanced FinTech Options (AFO). The partnership formalises the strong relationship between BST and AFO with a holistic focus on emerging markets particularly in the Middle East and Africa.

AFO monitor harnesses the transparency and insight provided through the FinOffice software asset management suite. Clients benefit from a seamless end-to-end experience provided through AFO monitor covering all aspects when managing assets ranging from technology, consulting, entitlement, compliance, billing and reporting capabilities. Providing everything out of one hand will help customers to significantly improve software asset management processes, control risks and eventually maximise return on investment.

“We are extremely pleased to sign this partnership agreement with AFO allowing us to localize FinOffice for African and Middle Eastern customers. This cooperation fits perfectly into our strategy of providing an independent and global solution with a dedicated regional focus provided through strategic local partners. Our focus is to provide our clients with the best tool bringing transparency to overall costs, vendor compliance, operational processes through result-driven analysis. Together with AFO, we can combine the power of technology with in-depth knowledge and subject matter expertise. “ – says Martin Reichmuth, CEO of BST Banking Software Training AG.

“We believe with BST we can provide an amazing solution that allows local companies to compete on an even playing field with their global peers. In the dynamic world we live in, it is even more important to provide clients a global trustworthy solution that caters and is responsive to their individual needs” – says Bobby Rakhit, CEO of Advanced Fintech Options

About BST

BST Banking Software Training AG supports organizations across in the banking, pharmaceutical, telecommunication and insurance industries in managing their digital assets efficiently and compliant. BST aims to bring transparency in a world where everything becomes “… as a service”.

For more information on BST Banking Software Training AG and FinOffice please visit

About AFO

AFO, headquartered in Johannesburg - South Africa, is the only independent player left in Africa and the Middle East that manages and optimises Market Data and Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions. People skills, technology and knowledge have now become more important than ever to run processes that have traditionally been managed in-house. We, therefore, focus on providing and customising solutions critical to our clients. We empower our clients by establishing cost-saving protocols and enhancing operational efficiencies.

For more information on AFO Advanced FinTech Options, please visit

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