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Trust Is Earned

In April last year, BST Banking Software Training AG (BST) announced a strategic collaboration with Advanced Fintech Options (AFO) in Africa and the Middle-East enabling clients to benefit from an industry-leading market data license mangement software provided through a dedicated group of long standing local professionals. Today we are thrilled to announce that this collaboration is bearing fruits and we happily welcome Coronation Fund Management to our community.

For more details, please read through our partner's press release below and make sure to visit Advanced Fintech.


In October 2021, Advanced Fintech Options (AFO), proudly announced that they replaced the Market Data contract and entitlement management system underpinning their managed service with Coronation Asset Management, with their new platform; AFO Monitor.

Although AFO Monitor is a relative new comer in the world of Market Data contract management platforms, its based on a tried and trusted technical platform enabled by Swiss Market Data and technology stalwarts, BST.

Kelvin Thomson, AFO COO, states:

“Partnering with BST has enabled AFO to create an incredibly flexible Market Data contract and enablement management platform that not only achieves feature parity with current competitors, but enables AFO’s clients to focus on the allocation and contract lifecycle across the entire organisation and not just the treasury. In addition to Market Data, we can now track virtually anything from IT Software licenses, Cloud services, telecom usages or even utilities costs. Being able to extend the incredibly granular and precise contract, allocation and reporting functionality needed to effectively manage market data to the rest of the organisation not only drives operational efficiencies across the entire organisation but also provides a very attractive ROI by allowing the organisation to potentially replace multiple contract and allocation systems into a single, cohesive service that ties together traditionally very siloed parts of the business. It’s only through the fusion of effective, local service and innovative, world-class technology can we make this possible.”

An excellent case in point is that AFO is working with Coronation Asset Management on not only their Market Data management command and control – but also extending the functionality of AFO Monitor to also track contracts and billing hours of companies and individuals that provide key consulting services to Coronation to ensure the effective management of the consultants and their budgets throughout the year.

Two key features of AFO and AFO Monitor are a local support team ensuring effective account management and client support with a strong focus on knowledge transfer and win-win partnerships, but also AFO Monitor’s relationship with BST allows for the rapid development and introduction of client feature requests. Feature requests that with other providers can take months or even years to introduce, are now brought to production readiness in virtually weeks or even days in some cases. It is the nexus of services AND technology that sets AFO apart from the competition.

As a long standing partner of Coronation, it is the shared business mantra that enabled AFO to complete this challenging project in record time: Trust is earned.

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